About Me

Hello and welcome to the Geneva Convention! I'm Geneva, a proud Michigander who loves her boyfriend, her family, traveling, eating, writing, and putting beads and ribbons on things. I started the Geneva Convention at the very end of 2013 as a place to document and share these loves.

I was born and bred in Mittenland (the lower peninsula of Michigan), and had a childhood full of road trips, horses, music, and ill-advised cooking adventures. Then I took off to the east coast for a few years, to get my bachelor's from Smith College in Massachusetts. While I was there I co-founded a creative writing club and a Quidditch team, traveled around Europe a few times, and fell in love with a boy against all odds. (It can be difficult to do that at a women's college.)

These days, you'll find me back in Michigan, where I'm living in a nice little town with my boyfriend and working at my first real job. Stick around to see where things go from here (you can follow me with Bloglovin or by email via the widget on the left), and be sure to catch up with me on instagram, tumblr, and pinterest!

Some favorites to get you started:
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Bryce Canyon at Night (or during the day, or at sunset, because it is beautiful around the clock)
Some fun in Lincoln Park on the trip James and I took for our second anniversary.


  1. Your spatzle link goes to the MLS post! And I wanted to read that one, too. xP

    1. Good catch! Thanks! It's fixed now.


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