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Monday, April 20, 2015

Big Moves

Blue Morning Glory

Remember that job I told you about?

I accepted it!

For the first time in the last year, I'm really starting to feel like myself again, although a somewhat different version.

This Myself is moving in with her boyfriend, touring apartments, buying immersion blenders, making healthy decisions, and learning about the many phone calls associated with adulthood. Apart from letting my state tax filing get down to the wire, it's pretty neat! (Hopefully) I work my last shift in retail tonight!

I hope to sporadically update over the next month (I have some fun stuff to share!), but it will be a little difficult, what with the rush of matching shower curtains to bath towel sets and inspecting IKEA's bedroom furniture. There will also be roadtrips, multiple doctors appointments, a haircut (it's getting out of hand), and of course, a move. Not a cross-country move as was floated at one point, but a move nonetheless.

Anyway, here's to a bright new future -- one where I get to make use of my degree, expand my horizons every day, and make a difference in the world. I can't wait.

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