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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Signature Lounge Review

Hancock Signature Lounge ReviewHancock Signature Lounge Review
Hancock Signature Lounge Review
Hancock Signature Lounge Review
Hancock Signature Lounge Review
Hancock Signature Lounge Review
Hancock Signature Lounge Review

Pears in Paris//ChiTown Pier Pale Ale//Downtown in the Snow//Moscow Mule//Enjoying the View//Chicago at Nightx2

The Signature Lounge is a great Chicago experience, especially for the tourist. There are so many reasons to go, it's hard to know where to begin. Let's start with the view, I guess, which is spectacular even in the midst of a big winter storm (see picture #3). It's only what you'd expect, being at the top of the Hancock Building. Then I guess we move on to how you get there -- taking an express elevator to the observation deck costs $19 per person. You take the same elevator to the lounge, only it doesn't cost patrons a thing, and actually takes you two floors above the deck.

The drinks are predictably over-priced, but still cheaper than a ticket, and well worth the view and service. James really enjoyed his beer and the Moscow Mule was fantastic, although my first drink, the Pears in Paris, was heavy-handed with the St. Germain and therefore a little underwhelming. I've read similar things about the food, but can't speak to its quality myself.

The Lounge gets crowded at night, but we went as a kind of cocktail hour, which allowed us to poach a table by the window and see what we could of the clouds and the city both before and after sunset. I imagine this kind of experience would be trickier on a weekend during the "on" season, or on a night with more visibility, but we were really happy with how our evening turned out.

We left the bar shortly after 6:00 and headed back to our apartment in the snow for a warm dinner under warm blankets to round of the second of three wonderful nights in the Windy City.

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