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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY Blanket Cape

DIY Blanket Cape Style

I love capes in theory, but often not so much in practice. There are three problems: expense, practicality, and my own cowardice. Let's start with the latter. I have grown a little complacent in my fashion as I got older -- taking risks with my style came a lot easier to me as a teenager than it does as a college graduate, and that isn't a bad thing. But what I wear is for me, not for anyone else, and if I really love something, how much should I care if people in the grocery store are impressed/confused by it? One problem down.

DIY Blanket Cape Style

Now onto the hairier issues. Have you ever tried to put a cape underneath a coat? It's pretty damn uncomfortable. So to wear a lightweight cape as a kind of cardigan substitute/statement in the winter is inconvenient at best and at worst, cuts off circulation to the arms. So any cape would have to be heavy enough to wear on its own on the milder days at the beginning and end of winter.

DIY Blanket Cape Style

Finally, being a more specialized/less popular item, I have yet to see a cute cape I could afford. Enter this tutorial. Michigan is a lot colder than Hong Kong, so I used flannel instead of a jersey, and I had no interest in it fraying all over the place, so I hemmed 1/2 an inch it all around with a zig-zag stitch. My fabric also came in a slightly strange dimension, so I ended up sewing a couple yards together to make a square. Still a very simple solution.

DIY Blanket Cape Style

Readers of my Halloween post may notice a resemblance between this outfit and this costume. Let me assure you that the thought hadn't even crossed my mind until I first put it on, at which point it was more of a hot damn, guilty as charged! sort of reaction. Yes, it was a terrible movie, but it should not surprise anyone that I really vibe on over-the-top costumes and hairstyles of the Star Wars variety. Carry on.

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