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Monday, March 9, 2015

Columbia Outerwear

Columbia 860TD
Columbia 860TD
Columbia 860TD
Columbia 860TD
Columbia 860TD and base layer

Now might be a good time to address how I spent seven whole winters wearing nothing but a dress coat.

It was a beautiful dress coat, fashion occasionally demands a sacrifice, I still wear it, and I have no complaints.


Having a real winter coat turns out to be a really nice experience. I recently received not just this wonderful jacket, but a couple of base layers from Columbia, and it hasn't taken very long for me to swear by all three. The base layers are perfectly tight while retaining their stretch, and more than long enough in the arms and legs, which is always a key for me. There's nothing worse than leggings that ride up or sleeves you can't tuck into gloves or mittens.

The coat, though, is the real star. I field tested it in the Windy City a couple weeks ago, and it didn't let any of the nonsense in -- windy or otherwise. It is by far the warmest coat I have ever owned, which is all the more impressive because it's also the lightest and least bulky. In addition, it has the stamp of approval from my mother, who makes a habit of "borrowing" anything good from my coat closet.

I realize it's technically almost Spring, but I'm throwing this coat into the mix anyway, because I live in Michigan, and I'm confident I will have to bring it out several more times before my trench makes a more permanent reappearance.

Oh, and for the sake of truth in advertising:

I do not recommend using snowballs as props without gloves.

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