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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bold for Business

Bold Business Style

I might as well just come out and say it: I have a job offer!

That's about all I can tell you for now -- I still have to make a bunch of decisions -- but I'm looking at apartments and creating budgets and buying home goods, so you could say I'm well on my way.

Bold Business Style

With my upcoming re-entry into the land of business slacks and sheath dresses, I've had to dust off a few of my more professional pieces, and supplement them a little bit. This skirt is a new addition from Downeast Outfitters, a store I found in Utah. Not surprisingly, they cater mostly to Mormon Fashionistas, a category into which I do not fit. But more conservative hemlines are exactly what I need for the work place, and I fell in love with this skirt, hard. I don't have a lot of patterns in my closet, but this one is relatively subtle, just a little retro, and fits right in to my closet color palette. Between all that and the shape (anyone else sick of binding yourself into a pencil skirt?), my decision was made for me.

Bold Business Style

Perhaps you understand why I insisted on traveling to two different Downeast stores in the SLC area to track down the right size? No?

Bold Business Style

Fresh Water Pearl Drop Earrings: 2012 Christmas Gift//Scarf: Inherited//Shirt: Love Peace Hope//Skirt: Downeast Outfitters//Tights: Unknown//Heels: Franco Sarto.

Photos by James.

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