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Friday, January 23, 2015

What I Wore: Traveling in Comfort

I spent about an hour packing for my two-week trip to Utah. Naturally, a few things didn't end up making it into my suitcase. The nice thing about visiting your boyfriend, though, is the ability to steal his clothes to supplement your own wardrobe.

Salt Lake experienced an unexpected heatwave, so I borrowed a cardigan and created a classic layered, comfy, I-have-limited-options-in-my-hastily-packed-suitcase kind of a look. I don't hate the way it turned out.

Traveling in Comfort
Traveling in Comfort

I love the bottom layer of this ensemble -- a shirt that, without a crop-top, reads "Paris | Vienna | London". I often conceal the first city, though, mostly because my experience in Paris extends to a 5 hour layover in the airport that I'm not eager to repeat. My time in London and Vienna, though, was both more extensive, and more pleasant. This shirt is super soft, comfy, and just long enough to wear with leggings (in my book anyway).

Traveling in Comfort
Traveling in Comfort

Infinity Scarf: Hand knit last winter.//Cardigan: American Apparel, stolen from Boyfriend.//Croptop: unknown, old.//Graphic Tee: Double Zero.//Skinny Jeans: Zara, past season.//Shoes: Converse All-Stars.

Photos taken by James and edited by me. Sorry a couple of them are a little blurry -- it was his first time shooting with a manual focus lens!

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