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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thai Belgian Fusion

I should probably clarify: I don't know of any restaurants that actually specialize in combining Thai and Belgian Cuisine. What I do know is that there are two restaurants right next to each other, each specializing in one of the above. And while Thai followed by waffles might sound a little odd, let me assure you, it's heaven on earth.

First, Ekamai Thai:

Ekamai Thai SLC

It's affordable, authentic, and delicious. Bonus: it was so warm the day we went, we actually sat outside. James and I shared (as we often do), a combination of beef and chicken curries, steamed vegetables, egg rolls, and brown rice. I can't get enough Thai food! It's one of the few things I can gorge on without feeling totally gross, and Ekamai uses fresh veggies and beautiful, zingy flavors in all their dishes.

Ekamai Thai SLC

Unfortunately, I can't stuff myself with Belgian waffles without feeling disgusting, but I'm willing to take the hit when they're this delicious. Bruges is the place, right next to Ekamai.

Bruges Waffles SLC

By this time, we'd gotten a little chilled, so we shared our waffle in the warmth of the tiny cafe, at the bar.
Bruges Waffles SLC

I'm going to take a second to rave about them: for starters, the staff are lovely. James and I got talking to one of the guys working the counter, which caused him to accidentally leave off one of the toppings we asked for. When he realized his mistake, not only did he correct it, he gave us another topping for free. Perhaps more importantly, though, they are not messing around with ingredients. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a food snob, and too often I find that "raspberries" means "raspberry flavored sauce we bought at the bulk food store" and "Belgian Chocolate" means "Hershey's Sauce". Not so at Bruges -- we're talking good chocolate and fresh berries. Also, authentic Speculoos (look it up, it's amazing). So basically, 6 out of 5 stars.

James and I went to the locations in Salt Lake proper, but learned during our dining adventure that both Ekamai and Bruges have opened up locations in Sugarhouse. Bruges also recently opened a full sit-down restaurant in Provo. So if you're in the Salt Lake area, you have plenty of options for wonderful Thai and Waffles (though I won't be offended if you choose not to indulge in them together).

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