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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunset Snowshoe

Our final night at Bryce timed up perfectly with the first full moon of the year. Yes, believe it or not, these pictures weren't quite the full moon. James, his family, and I all headed out on not quite as clear a night as the one before, to snowshoe with a couple of park rangers and other visitors.

Bryce gets some really beautiful pastel sunsets. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to capture one properly, but you can get some idea from these photos.

Sunset at Bryce Canyon
Sunset at Bryce Canyon
Sunset at Bryce Canyon

As the sun went down, the moon came up, finally peaking over the clouds.

Moonrise at Bryce Canyon

And as the hike drew to a close, James and I grabbed the tripod one more time, just to see how many stars we could find with the moon partially obscured.

Night Sky at Bryce Canyon

Almost as giddy as the night before, we headed back to the hotel for some warm food, a splash of prosecco, and a long sleep.

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