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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tying Scarves: The Basic Wrap

Continuing my series on Tying Scarves, I have one to show you which seems so obvious and simple I debated whether or not to publish it. However, I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to figure it out, and I figure it's very possible that other people would have the same problems I did. Maybe I suck at spatial awareness, but trust me, the wrap below baffled me until 2013, so I'm going to divert attention with some general scarf information for a second.

Basic Scarf Wrap

I owe pretty much all of them to other people. The one I'm wearing today came to me from India via a good friend who studied abroad there, and several others have also been gifts, but most came from my grandmother, who had literally hundreds of scarves and shawls when she died several years ago. My aunts and cousins and I each wore one at her memorial, and took plenty of others home to our individual wardrobes. She loved those shawls, and now we all love them, too. They are the most timeless and practical of accessories.

On to the knot! This one is a basic, no-nonsense, voluminous thing that works well with almost any dimensions (though I prefer long, wide, and rectangular). It is the warmest of the warm due to its ability to trap air around your head and neck.

Basic Scarf Wrap

Start by figuring out which side of the scarf you want to face outwards -- most scarves have a front and a back -- and grab diagonal corners with the side you want exposed downwards, or facing away from you.

Basic Scarf Wrap

Exchange the corners behind your head and pull to secure a loose circle around your neck.

Basic Scarf Wrap

Adjust and rearrange at will, and you're ready to go!

Basic Scarf Wrap

Enjoy and stay warm! I'll be back next week with a more festive (and more complicated) knot!

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