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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Summer to Winter

Summer Dresses in Winter

I love this dress. It's so summery and beautiful. It also happens to be really skimpy. Like, make the wrong move and I could expose boobs and butt in one go. Thus, I've always felt a little uncomfortable wearing it around in the summer, when it's supposed to be perfect.

Summer Dresses in Winter
Summer Dresses in Fall

Lately, though, I came to the conclusion that with a few choice accessories, I could easily transition this into a cute winter dress instead! All it needs is a cami, a scarf or cardigan (or both), and a neutral pair of tights. Voila! A summer dress that I actually prefer wearing in the winter. I'm already thinking about other pieces in my closet that I can remix this way.

Summer Dresses in Fall

Scarf: Brought back by a friend from India.//Cardigan: Charlotte Russe.//Dress: fire Los Angeles.//Cami: Arizona Favorite Cami.//Tights: Steve Madden.//Flats: J.C. Penney.

How do you feel about wearing things that are clearly out of season? Am I alone in thinking I can pull this off?

Photos taken by James, edited by me.

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