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Monday, November 17, 2014

Farewell Brunch

Brunch Friends

For the past several months, we've played host to a friend who needed a home for a little while until she and her boyfriend could get everything sorted out, get married, and move back down south. A couple of weeks ago, we had to say goodbye, so we threw a brunch to celebrate and give them a proper farewell.

Taking my cues from the Barefoot Contessa, as usual, I spent the night before getting as much as I could ready to go -- I assembled the fruit platter and set the table, leaving the rest for the morning. My own personal brunch tip is to entertain on the morning that the clocks fall back. It gives you an extra hour to get everything ready! Unfortunately it also gives you one day of the year to entertain, so I don't plan to stick to it exclusively.

Brunch Place Settings
Brunch Table

In addition to the fruit, we served turkey sausages, roasted asparagus, and a variation on these.

Brunch Fruit
Brunch Food
Brunch Food

For drinks, what else? Coffee for pre-brunch mingling, plentiful Coplands for brunch itself, and customized espresso for post-brunch, all made with the ROK. We spent a good hour sipping them and digesting -- you need some distance from brunch before getting on with the day!

Copland Brunch Cocktail
ROK Espresso for Brunch

It was a wonderful brunch, but we wish they didn't have to leave! Good luck down South, y'all. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see you again!

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