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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grand Ledges

This is James's sixth trip to Michigan. Can you believe that? My boyfriend, who has a degree in rocks, has come to visit me six times, and I only just managed to take him to the most interesting rocks within an hour's drive. Those rocks are the Grand Ledges, and I know they are far more significant to a Michigander like myself than to a Utah boy from the mountains, but here we are.

We spent a sunny, 70 degree day there earlier this week, and experienced the kind of Fall I wish we got more of. The kind where the leaves are turning and falling, but we aren't freezing in the meantime. We've had a lot of that this year, but I'm afraid it's coming to a close.

Fall in Michigan
Grand River

Anyway, those ledges! Carved out of sandstone by the Grand River, not unlike how the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon, just on a far less grandiose scale. Some day soon I want to take James up to Pictured Rocks, but in the meantime, we enjoyed some quiet walking and snacking in Oak Park, followed by bubble tea.

Autumn at the Grand Ledges
Autumn at the Grand Ledges
James at the Grand Ledges

Pretty cool, right? And not at all what you expect to find in the lower peninsula. Michigan is full of surprises!

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