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Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY: Wedding Candy Buffet

A cousin of mine got married recently. It was easily the most fun I've had in at least a month. As family often does in these situations, my mom and I volunteered to help her out with anything she might need. That's how this instagram came about, and that's why I know the ins and outs of candy buffets without actually getting married.

There are a few obvious first steps to this: compiling vases and ordering candy. I should be clear up front and say that we didn't have a direct hand in either, apart from supplying some of the glass. But in my opinion, a list of helpful tips is more beneficial than a list of retailers.

Glass: There was a loose them of alcohol on this candy bar, with the martini glasses and snifters, but in the end the bride went to Hobby Lobby and got two of almost everything so the table would be symmetrical. I think that's my favorite look, but it depends on how much you want to spend (and how much you value being able to give the glass back to relatives after the wedding!).

Candy: Gummies and chocolate are king. The jelly beans and the gumballs didn't move much at all (although in the case of the gumballs, that wasn't much of a surprise -- they were more there to add an difference in texture). The bride's color scheme was just blue, so she didn't stress too much over particular shades when it came to her candy. She also used some silver as an accent color. I think this is a wise choice, both in terms of sanity prevention and visual interest. If I do this for myself in the future, I would consider adding more gummies, and maybe swapping the gumballs for some Lindt truffles. But to each her own!

Putting it all together: This is where it gets interesting. We borrowed a 3x6 foot table from a friend to practice our set up, and scavenged the house for pedestals to raise some of the vases. In the end, we had a combination of flower pots, flower pot trays, cake pans, and tupperware underneath the tablecloth. We also brought out some small mirrors to put underneath some of the glass. In a few cases, this was for structural reasons, but mostly it just adds visual interest. We took pictures of this process all the way through, so we knew where to place the pedestals and what glasses went where.

Constructing a Candy Buffet

A few other things to consider -- I personally handwashed every single one of these vases. Laborious, yes, but no one wants to eat out of a grimy, finger-printed vase. It's probably common sense, but it's a valuable step. We also supplied the top tablecloth ourselves, by hemming several yards of white silk. The table set up for this at the reception site had a cloth already, but the silk was valuable for the purposes of adding texture, and more importantly, hiding flower pots.

Three pieces of glassware that didn't have twins; one was already designated by the bride as a centerpiece, since it would be difficult to get anything out of. The other two also went down the middle, and we fanned out the others in a symmetrical pattern. In the end, we had 19 vases and 13 different types of candy. We sent the bride a photo of the empty set up table for her to label which candies went where.

When we arrived at the reception venue, we had several boxes of freshly cleaned glassware, a marked-up photo, and a suitcase full of candy and little scoops and tongs. It took some assembly (and some candy sampling), but the final product was absolutely gorgeous and a big hit with the guests, who didn't leave very many leftovers!

Finished Candy Buffet
Completed Candy Buffet

Candy used (roughly from left to right, bearing in mind that I'm leaving out duplicates):
Back Row: Jelly Beans, gum balls, silver m&ms with rock candy (home made by the MOH and her family; pina colada and rum flavored)
Middle Row: Blue M&Ms, blue raspberry gummy bears, Sixlets, Salt Water Taffy, (more sixlets), gummy sharks
Front Row: Chocolate coins, air heads, Hershey Kisses, mints.

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  1. So mouth-watering! I personally love candy. I would love to have a candy buffet in my wedding. I’m getting married in one of the best LA event venues and I’ll ask our wedding coordinator arrange this. I would definitely like to add a lot more variety to mix though. Thanks for sharing the idea!


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