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Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Boot Trees

I used to own a pair of boot trees (also known as shapers, or those things that keep your tall boots from collapsing on themselves when you're not wearing them). They came with my first pair of tall riding boots, but I have no idea where they ended up! Not having a lot of disposable income at the moment, but also sick of seeing my poor tall boots slumping in my closet, I did some googling and came up with an alternate solution: wine bottles!

DIY Boot Shapers

This is an easy, elegant DIY that I prettied up (and made more functional) with ribbon. For each pair of boots, you will need:

-2 empty wine bottles, preferably the same brand and variety (so they will be the same size and shape)
-8-10 feet of ribbon, cut in half

DIY Boot Shapers

Start by rinsing the inside of the bottles and soaping up the outside (you don't want sticky wine residue inside your boots). Then find the mid-way point of the first section of ribbon and use it as the starting point for wrapping at the neck of the bottle.

This can get a little tricky, but you want it to lay flat and tight to the neck so it won't slip off. When you're satisfied it's secure, tie it off with a square knot. You should still have at least a foot of extra ribbon on each end.

DIY Boot Shapers

Tie the ends of these ribbons together with another square knot, to form a little handle. This extra length of ribbon will hang over the top of your boots and give you an easy way to pull out the trees when you want to wear them.

DIY Boot Shapers

Repeat with the second bottle and length of ribbon, and enjoy having better shaped boots!

DIY Boot Shapers

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