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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Crescent Moon

We saw some amazing skies at the wedding a couple of weeks ago. I know I've already documented my fascination with sunsets, and it's a little cliche, but I couldn't resist. It was like staring into a Thomas Kinkade painting. But when it's reality, rather than a trite illustration tailor made for funeral greeting cards, it's so much more breath-taking. The bride and groom took advantage of the opportunity for a few more pictures, and they turned out looking almost like a prom photo backdrop.

Anyway, I've reached the half-way point of my no-sugar cleanse. Last night, after a rough day, I nearly caved to the idea of chocolate -- any chocolate! -- but I caught myself in time and had some fruit instead. Not a bad substitute. I do think I can make it through the remaining 15 days, but I also think I'm going to have to go out for Tini Tuesday afterwards, and also make some kind of baked good. The very idea frightens me, because I don't want to end up where I started, but what is life without brownies (at least in moderation)?

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