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Monday, September 29, 2014

Rides on the River

Grand River
Lansing Water Plant

I wouldn't call mine a family of typical traditions. For example, we never have a Christmas tree. But over the last few years, one routine has developed: a Sunday bike ride along the River Trail in Lansing, usually followed by beer (and/or ice cream).

It's a long, gorgeous, and diverse trail, and growing all the time -- soon it will extend into neighboring towns! -- but as many times as we've ridden it and it's many spurs, I've never brought along my camera. This weekend, though, with the water as smooth as glass, and the lighting so perfect, I really couldn't resist whipping out my iPhone on a water break.

We rarely ride alone -- friends almost always join us for the exercise and for the beers afterwards at Riverfront Grill. Then we head home for dinner, because Sunday night is Nacho Night (or at the very least, Taco Salad Night), and that is another sacred tradition.

Happy Monday! It's Mountain Day at Smith, so I'm going to have to do something about that. This is a post about traditions, after all, and while I may not ever have a naked convocation again, I think some of those things translate very well into real life.

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