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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum

A few weeks ago, when James was still in town, we agreed to go into Saginaw on business for my mom. It takes a chunk of time to get to Saginaw and back, however, so when we woke up the morning of this trip, we decided we should make a day of it. I suggested stopping in Frankenmuth (where it's Christmas all year long!), but James prefers to make Christmas a one-day-a-year kind of celebration, so we agreed to postpone that visit in favor of the Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum.

I had never heard of the person or the museum before, but it had open hours that fit right in with our plans, it had great reviews on trip adviser, and the most important factor: it's free! So we took care of business, and set off in search of art.

Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum
Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum
Marshall Fredericks Friendly Frog
Marshall Fredericks Pterodactyls
Marshall Fredericks Expanding Universe
Marshall Fredericks Saints and Sinners
Marshall Fredericks Spirit of Detroit

What an impressive collection! I had never heard of Marshall Fredericks until that day, but I'm certain I've seen his sculptures many times without realizing it -- he's responsible for an astonishing number of sculptures and monuments, especially in the Midwest. I found his work graceful, intriguing, and unusual. He had amazing scope, designing busts of famous leaders; playful models for children (check out that enormous frog!); and complex, intelligent sculptures meant to provoke high levels of thought. His work has christian elements, but also scientific ones, going from "Birth of the Atomic Age" and "The Expanding Universe" to "Saints and Sinners" and the "Fountain of Eternal Life". Part of the magic of the museum is the atmosphere. Almost all the statues here are white plaster casts, and white marble covers the entire, open space. It's so light, bright, vast, and aesthetically pleasing.

Fredericks' work is not the only part of the museum worth seeing -- they host exhibits of other artists and sculptors, as well as a replica of the studio where he worked. There is also an outdoor sculpture garden we enjoyed meandering through as we left. I highly recommend setting aside an hour or two to visit if you ever end up in the area!

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