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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Renegade Theater Festival

Old Town Lansing
Old Town Lansing
Old Town Lansing

Renegade Theater Festival is one of my favorite events of a summer in Lansing. Three straight nights of free theater in picturesque Old Town. There are dozens of shows to choose from, some from local theaters, and some from community members. Performances are usually only about an hour long, with two time slots every night, and it's often used as a place to workshop new pieces. They even perform shows especially for children on Saturday afternoon.

This year I only went on Friday night, but we had a great time, seeing two new shows by local playwrights. First, Boomer and the Imaginary Friend Revolt, about a young man whose old imaginary friends come back to keep him company when he falls into a deep, break-up related depression. It was a really interesting concept, and the show has a lot of potential. The execution wasn't quite my cup of tea, but the acting was excellent, and since it's still in workshop, I'm sure it will only get better by the time anyone pays for it! The second, a modern musical fable called Just Wanna Dance, telling the story of a young gay man with religious parents. You can probably guess how that one played out -- somewhat cliched and stereotypical, but the performers, again, were great. We heard a lot of fantastic singing.

In between, we enjoyed a couple beers and ran into countless people we knew on the street and admired the architecture and charm of Old Town.

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