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Monday, June 16, 2014


Carnival Selfie
A few weeks ago James and I went to our first carnival. There was an abundance of beer and hard cider, several rides (which made the beer/cider seem like a questionable idea) and a really great DJ.

James and I don't often fight. When we do, it's almost always because we don't communicate very well over skype and text message, and it's usually pretty easy to resolve when we see each other in person again. But a couple hours before we took these pictures, we got into one of those rare arguments that started and ended in person.

I hate fighting with him, but we agreed as we went to bed that night that our argument had made the day better. We fought clean, started to understand what was bothering each other, and actually changed our behavior. So although it was the worst hour of the entire day, it made that day one of the best in a long time. James likes to experience the best and the worst in a day like that. I would usually rather not have the worst at all. But in this case, I'm really glad I did.

Here's to carnivals and communication! Hope you have a wonderful week with some of both.

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