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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beach Day

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan
Beach at Grand Haven
Beach Selfie
We had planned to finish off our roadtrip through New York with two nights in Buffalo, but after a whole week of moving out and moving around, it suddenly seemed like a much better idea to just spend one. So we came back to Mittenland a day earlier than planned, and it was such a feeling of relief.

This was James's third visit to Michigan with me, but he had yet to see the west coast. So on Sunday we headed out for a day of fun around Grand Rapids. We spent the morning on the beach, which was beautiful -- sunny and warm, as long as you kept out of the water! I even managed to avoid a serious sun burn, which almost never happens.

After lounging around, talking and reading and walking on the shore a little bit, we grabbed some lunch and then took a nice long afternoon bike ride. I hadn't been on a bicycle since last summer, so it was a little rough for me, but I had to get back into the swing of things somehow, right? Then we met my cousin and her fiance for dinner at Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, a restaurant and brewery we can highly recommend!

We were exhausted and a little pink by the time we got back home, but the day was well worth it.

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