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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm An Adult

People keep calling me an adult. I don't buy it, mostly because I still rely on other people to feed me.

(Speaking of which, dining hall, fried clams and tater tots is not an acceptable excuse for lunch.)

Nevertheless, I am taking baby steps toward adulthood, among them:
  • Calling AAA for the first time,
  • Having them place a spare tire on my car, and
  • Driving on that spare tire to the repair shop to get it fixed permanently.
  • Making an enormous lasagna in order to feed a grieving boyfriend.
  • Applying to real-life jobs.
  • Driving through Canadian and U.S. customs by myself.
  • Doing research about the best (cheap) gin, and then
  • Buying a bottle of gin.
  • Using my tax refund to pay off my credit card in full, instead of to buy shoes, as is my tradition.
  • Actually using the Swiffer instead of just wearing flipflops around my room all the time to avoid the gritty floor.
  • Painting my fingernails for Senior Ball and by some miracle not chipping it all off within 12 hours.

Not so grown-up things include:
  • Breaking down into tears at the thought of trying to adult full-time.
  • Senioritis.
  • The admittedly childish vendetta I've developed against a girl who also happens to be named Geneva.
  • Watching Scrubs all the way through for what has to be the 20th time.

So, you know, it's a work in progress.

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