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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Leaving Italy

Leaving Venice
Leaving Venice
Clouds on the way to Heathrow

Italy was exactly what I needed to hit the reset button on my semester. Sometimes things just start piling on and bogging you down, you know? And the endless winter wasn't helpful! But for just over a week I got to spend life in a place that was already green and warm every day, with some of the best people I've ever sung with. We took water taxis to the airport (a sentence I will probably never have a good excuse to use again). It was raining, which felt appropriate, and it also allowed me to get some pretty cool photos as we bid Venice farewell.

When I say reset button, I mean it for pretty much everything. I started with a clean homework slate, just enough jet lag to get me back onto a nice, early-rising schedule, and a general disinterest in eating any of the sad, unnecessary bread and pasta the dining hall keeps throwing my way. It just doesn't compare, and there is now a chance I will fit into my senior ball gown! As difficult as it was for me to leave, I didn't have an excuse to wallow for long.

Next week I will be back to posting on life in good old 'Merka. See you then!

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