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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eat in Northampton

After living here roughly three years, I feel qualified to make some recommendations about Northampton, Massachusetts. It's a picturesque little town with a surprising number of attractions, but no matter how you end up here, you're bound to need some food! Here are my favorite places in town (all feasible on a college budget):

Overall Favorite:

Mosaic Cafe -- Small and a little out of the way, but I have yet to have a bad meal here. They serve Mediterranean food and have an immense menu for the size of the place. If you go during the warmer months, you can sit outside, either on the porch or the back patio. My favorite meal here are the Brochettes with dijon dressing (pictured, though a photo doesn't do it justice). The smoothies are great, too.
Mosaic Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts
Mosaic Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts


Packard's -- great for affordable drinks (try the Pink N Fun) and general Americana. Their spicy fries are great. Trivia on Tuesday nights is usually pretty fun, too.
Tunnel Bar -- No website and no sign out front, so this speakeasy-type joint can be difficult to find. The drinks are a little pricey, too, but great quality, and served in a fantastic atmosphere. I recommend going early for a cocktail hour, as the space is somewhat small and gets crowded later at night. Located at 124A on Pleasant Street.

For Carnivores:

Local Burger -- Noho's answer to the burger trend, they have high-quality ingredients and lots of ways to combine them into fantastic burgers. Their milkshakes are great, too.
Local Burger in Northampton, Massachusetts

For Vegetarians:

The Green Bean -- Serving all day breakfast with great ingredients and almost no meat on the menu. I'm not a vegetarian, but I will always get behind a place that will serve me a breakfast burrito whenever I want one.
The Green Bean in Northampton, Massachusetts
The Green Bean in Northampton, Massachusetts

For Dessert:

Herrell's -- Not that it needs repeating. Herrell's serves some of the best ice cream I have ever had the pleasure of eating, and they are open year-round. Homemade chocolate sprinkles are always a freebie, so make sure you take advantage of them!
Herrell's in Northampton, Massachusetts

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