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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY: Hair Chopsticks

I love the idea of sparkles in my hair, but it is so slippery that barrettes usually fall out, and my head itself is so large that headbands give me a headache after a few hours. In addition, I'm too frugal to think $15 on a piece of bedazzled plastic and metal at Claire's is a good idea, and although I love the thought of elaborate hairstyles, I love the thought of sleeping in more.
Updo with hair chopsticks
Updo with hair chopsticks
I've never gotten the hang of the top knot, but a few years ago I found a style that works no matter how lazy I feel on a particular day: chopsticks. Am I the only girl who used to keep a bun up with a couple of pencils back in school? This is like the grown-up version of that. Today I will show you how to make them, and tomorrow I will do a style tutorial.
DIY hair chopstick supplies

You will need:
2 wooden chopsticks (even ones you've eaten off of, as long as they're clean)
A handful of beads for decorating
A few yards of 24-26 gauge wire
Small wire cutter

Sand paper
Needlenose pliers

DIY hair chopsticks step one
DIY Hair chopsticks step two
DIY Hair chopsticks step three
DIY Chopsticks Finished

--If your sticks are a little rough or splintery, run them over with some sand paper a few times. This isn't necessary, but I've found it can be useful.
--Make a notch in the chopsticks with the wire cutters, between 1.5 and 2 inches from the wide end (depending on how much embellishment you want to use). It just needs to be distinct enough to provide an anchor for the wire.
--Beginning at the notch, wrap your wire around the chopsticks. I find the needle nose pliers are helpful until it is secured with a few coils. Go a little bit below the anchor point, as well as up to the top, just so it is secure.
--Then add in your beads. As you'll see below, there are many ways to do this, but my favorite is to spiral small glass ones in a similar color all the way up the stem of the chopsticks. You'll probably have to tighten the beads down a few times.
--When you reach the top, secure your beads in place by reversing the direction of the wire. You can see this at the top of the sticks in the second to last photo above. Then wrap your wire in that direction down the chopsticks -- the wire should end up spiraling down in between the rows of beads. Do the same anchoring and wrapping back to the top after you get to the bottom.
--When you start to run out of wire, or you feel that the beads are secure, use your needle nose pliers to slide the end of the wire into the coils.

DIY hair chopsticks inspiration
As you can see, the glass beads are popular enough with me to warrant multiple colors, but I also get a lot of mileage out of the pair decorated with the faux pearls. At some point I would also love to experiment with other kinds of embellishment -- ribbons and the bigger glass beads, which could be a great statement on the top of one of these. Check back tomorrow for an explanation of a quick, easy, and romantic style you can create with these beauties.

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