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Friday, March 28, 2014


It has been ten years since I last visited Italy, and twelve year old Geneva did not come away with a very favorable impression. In the decade since, I never felt the urge to go back. And in truth, I wasn't all that excited about this trip when I found out that rather than Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia, it would just be Italy, with a day trip to Slovenia.

Fortunately, we put Trieste on the itinerary, easily the Italian city I was most interested in visiting. I also soon realized that this trip would allow me to visit my favorite lingerie store. That's when I really got excited.

Anyway. Trieste is gorgeous. We took a tour that began with the Roman ruins, high up on the hill, and the old church, and proceeded down to the narrow roads around the center of town. There are some beautiful canals and wide open squares in Trieste -- apparently some of the biggest in the country -- and of course it is right on the water.

Trieste is less of a tourist attraction than a lot of towns, which makes it a nicer getaway (less expensive than others, too), but also means there is less for us visitors to do. It's an interesting blend of Austrian and Italian, and a good place to wander around and sample food. I would imagine that after two or three days here you might run out of things to occupy your time, however. I can personally recommend the Hotel Victoria Trieste. Unfortunately I don't remember the names of any restaurants, but it's hard to go wrong with food in Italy!

Look out for a post on Ljubljana next week!

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