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Friday, March 7, 2014

Tea for Two

Our foray through the historic district of New Paltz left us a little hungry, so we headed to the Village Tearoom for an afternoon snack. James grew up doing afternoon tea, and while I never really got into bitter beverages, tea or otherwise, I always appreciate pastries. We ordered Tea for Two and settled in. He selected the tea, and I made sure we got some clotted cream on the side.

We arrived a little late to get scones, so they served us a corn muffin and a few cinnamon sugar doughnut holes instead, both delicious enough for me to never feel the loss, especially since we still got the clotted cream. I must admit I kind of expected to get it mostly to myself (James and I may have once gotten into a fight at the grocery store over whether or not we should buy reduced fat cheese), but it turns out it has an unexpectedly strong pull on him, and I had to share. Don't interpret that as a complaint, however, because he's the one with permanent access to a kitchen at the moment, and this means that I will have homemade clotted cream sooner than anticipated!

For those poor people all over the world who have never experienced the miracle, I can only say that I am sorry, and it is nowhere near as disgusting as it sounds.

After a delicious and filling teatime, we wandered back through the town and rail trail at sunset, to drive back across the Hudson and return to reality. We loved New Paltz, though, and hope to spend at least one more day there before our time in the area is finished.

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