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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Paltz

The foot or so of snow on the ground in these photos is quite deceptive -- it was actually almost 60 degrees out as we wandered around New Paltz!

We parked a little ways out of town, in a lot adjacent to the rail trail, and walked in along it atop the snow, as you can see in the first picture. The trail dropped us right below an adorable collection of shops -- mostly antiques, coffee, boutiques, and sweets. James couldn't resist stopping for a treat from Dohnut on our way through. I'm not a big doughnut person, but I will admit an exception in the case of Dohnut. That was a really delicious morsel.

Anyway. We proceeded up through main street and then down into the Huguenot District. For those who (like me) missed this part of European history in high school, the Huguenots were a group of French protestants who faced enough persecution from their governments and communities to force them out of France. They ended up all over the place, and some settled in what is now New Paltz, New York. Many of their structures still stand today.

Sadly, we weren't able to get inside any of them, although I do think it must be possible; there was a film crew running around that afternoon in and out of houses. In my experience, it can be rare to find historic houses in their original locations in America, and even more rare to see more than one at a time, so this area of New Paltz really is a treasure. Who doesn't love a stone cottage?

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