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Monday, March 31, 2014


Ljubljana street
Ljubljana dragon
Ljubljana castle
I feel as if I owe myself and the entire world an apology for not visiting Ljubljana earlier. It seems like a slight somehow -- and perhaps even more so now that I've been there, but only for half a day. We took a day trip to Ljubljana from Trieste, spending the morning on a tour, eating lunch at an international school (and performing for them), and then wandering around the city in the hour or so that remained before we had to head back.

Ljubljana felt like home to me. It's like a smaller, more cheerful version of Vienna. The colors here seem slightly brighter and spring has already sprung with confidence. Their mascot is a dragon. I didn't want to leave!

We didn't really stay or eat in Ljubljana, so I can't recommend anything but the city itself, and say that I look forward to returning soon and spending much more time in Slovenia. We didn't make it up the hill to that castle, for starters, and I have heard too much about Bled to rest easy until I've seen it.

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