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Friday, February 21, 2014

Wood Fire for the Weekend

I spent most of last Saturday huddled up to a cozy fire in an old farmhouse in upstate New York. It's been too long since I had the opportunity to spend so much quality time with my family, and it was much-needed. Times change, people grow up, move away, and start families, but I love that we can still get together and scarf down Grandma's mac and cheese just like we did ten years ago.

It's strange to think I might be hundreds of miles away from all of this next year. Apart from the time I spent in Vienna, I've never lived too far from some part of my family. They've always been there to lend me a guest bedroom for the night when I need to get away or crash on the way to point B. Then again, I could be closer to them than ever next year, so I shouldn't get too melancholy just yet.

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