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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

Every fall semester at Smith College, the president picks a beautiful, sunny day, and gives us all a surprise day off. It's called Mountain Day, and it is one of my favorite college traditions.

Every spring semester (or at least every spring semester since I've been a Smithie), the president picks the day with the worst weather she can imagine, and gives us all a surprise day off.

On Mountain Day, I grabbed a couple of friends and climbed Mount Tom. On Snow Days, I snuggle up indoors, watching television, and in this case, working on job applications that will hopefully take me someplace where I will never look out the window and see a foot of snow. The power of lunch compelled me to leave the house for a little bit, however, and I decided to bring my new camera with me. This Nikon has never seen the outdoors. I feel this was probably a bad introduction!

It only took me about 10 minutes to take the walk around campus that resulted in these photos, but this is what I looked like by the end. That scarf used to be black!

So, welcome to the world, DSLR. I'm so excited to learn how to really use you! Sorry I took you outside in this weather (though I'm confident you'll survive).

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