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Thursday, February 27, 2014


James and I met while traveling, and will probably always be travelers at heart. So when I suggested a couple months ago that in lieu of gifts, we simply split the cost of a night away somewhere to celebrate our anniversary, he was in total agreement. I will be the first to admit that I usually keep him inside eating ice cream and watching Netflix when I visit for the weekend, so getting out and doing things was a nice change of pace. It saves money, too -- one of us usually ends up splurging for a weekend away as a present anyway!

As it happens, we didn't go that far, just to the other side of the Hudson. I did the driving and he did the legwork, including finding places to eat and the apartment we rented on AirBnB. We had a lovely anniversary dinner at Rock & Rye (delicious food, nice atmosphere, misplaced music), and spent the night in beautiful Rosendale.

The next morning we had a lazy start and some approximation of breakfast in bed (all James' doing, he deserves a medal), followed by a couple of hours wandering around Rosendale proper. Our first stop was the Big Cheese, an eclectic shop specializing in Mediterranean cuisine and, of course, cheese. We picked up some great gruyere and pecorino romano for what this cheese-lover can tell you was a total steal. Then we went down the street a block to try out the Rosendale Cafe, recommended to us by our host. Neither of them have a website, but you can find them easily enough with your google machine.

Coming up: New Paltz and Afternoon Tea!

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