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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bowling Revolutions

I am certain I have been bowling before. Everyone has been bowling at least once before, right? I have had a mild disdain for the sport for years and it must have come from somewhere! My previous bowling experiences have clearly been less than memorable, however, because I can't remember any of them. I just see the crappy food, communal shoes, and cheap glow-in-the-dark party carpet in my mind's eye and cringe a little bit. Maybe that's just a prejudice I invented in my head, though.

But as it turns out, bowling doesn't have to be awful! My family scheduled a package as part of our reunion a few weeks ago and actually had a lovely time. Who knew bowling alleys could serve really delicious food? (Those wings and sliders were to die for!) And if you're bowling with people you like -- who maybe won't give you too hard a time when you accidentally lose control of your ball and it goes rolling backwards toward some small children -- even the fact that you suck at bowling doesn't necessarily limit your fun.

Side note: wouldn't it be amazing if there were a point system in bowling that allowed you to win the game if you only ever got gutterballs? Like shooting the moon in hearts! 

Apparently there are other not-lame bowling alleys around. We found this one at Destiny USA, the Mall Formerly Known as Carousel, in Syracuse. (Website here.) I'm not getting paid for this, I just think it's something people should know about!

(That mall, though. I could easily spend a week, and all my money, in there. Yikes.)

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