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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


After several days hiking in Bryce, we elected for a minor change of scenery. Kodachrome State Park is only a short drive from the canyon (about 30 minutes), so we headed out for a walk and a picnic. Although Kodachrome is also a step in the Grand Staircase and has some features in common with Bryce, most notably the color of the stone, it has some very unique structures. We took the Panorama trail up to a beautiful view point, stopping along the way to see what wind erosion has done for the landscape. I was particularly struck by the formation in the sixth and seventh photos, which reminded me of petrified sand dunes.

The Panorama Hike in Kodachrome is only moderately difficult. But if you are woefully out of shape/unadjusted to the altitude, the following trick can be extremely helpful. Whenever you feel as if neglecting your yoga and climbing at least 7,000 feet above your usual sea level has become too much, turn to your companion and say one of the following:

"Look at that beautiful rock/tree/bridge/hoodoo/German tourist! Let's stop to take a picture."
"Darling, I'm parched. Wait a moment while I drink some water."
"You know what would be great with this view? Beef jerky. Let's sit here a moment and eat some."

Feel free to adlib!

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