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Friday, January 24, 2014

Bristlecone Loop

We spent our last day at Bryce at the top of the Grand Staircase --Yovimpa Point. The elevation here gets up to 9,000 feet, and at this time of year, it requires trekking through some snow on the Bristlecone Loop to get to it. It's a pretty short, easy hike in spite of that, though, and the view is well worth it! On a clear day like this one you can see almost 100 miles into the distance.

Bristlecone is named for the Bristlecone Pines that grow up here, perhaps the hardiest survivors in the world. The fourth photo shows one of the oldest ever -- it succumbed to erosion after almost two thousand years of life.

After spending a while at the point, admiring the world, we began the trip north, taking a quick pit stop at a local diner on the way. Nothing rounds out a long weekend in southern Utah like a milkshake and a burger on Texas Toast!

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