Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Ice storms are so beautiful and so destructive. You can see above the toll this one has taken on our trees. As I watched, one of the younger ones groaned and collapsed a little bit under the weight of the slowly melting ice. Our landscaping shouldn't suffer very much when everything finally thaws, but we're in the minority there.

This morning we reached the milestone of 60 hours without electricity, and I expect to wait at least another 24 before they restore it. I'd be lying if I said I've been a model of positive thinking and optimism since Saturday night, but the truth is we are extremely lucky. We still have a generator from the days when we lived in a lower-priority area. We have a gas stove, running water, plenty of down blankets, and family nearby who never lost power.

Until the electricity returns, I'm taking advantage of the limited distractions -- relearning how to knit, photographing this savage beauty, catching up on all the magazines I neglected during the semester, and reading Sherlock Holmes by candlelight.